Behind The Mic #2

There truly is no better place to watch a basketball game from than in the middle of the scorer’s table.

You get ALL of the action. On the floor, from both benches, from the refs as they come over to inform us of upon whom the foul was called.

It. Is. Awesome.

I called my first game(s) as PA Announcer for the Bryant & Stratton Bobcats – Rochester last Sunday. Games were played at Pinnacle in Victor, and to call it a rush is an understatement.

The PA announcer introduces the starting players, calls out baskets made, who a foul is on and how many it is for the player and the team, subs, sponsors and other info during the breaks.


I have to remind myself that I am doing PA work and not play-by-play. I do practice my play calling in my head as the game goes on though.

Upon my arrival, the microphone and speaker setup was not working, so I called my lovely wife and had her bring over my play-by-play (PBP) bag and my DJ speaker (Bose) and set it up.

Lisa ended up making three trips from Shortsville so I owe her big time (paying off that debt today by buying her a couple new tires for her Terrain from Uptown Tire & Auto in Canandaigua).

Once we got a nice flow going what we were doing added a nice dynamic to the game. In the words of the Athletic Director, “It made it seem like a real college game”.

On the way out one of the Security Officers said that I sounded awesome and should be calling Division 1 games.

I go wherever the money is. Trust me brother…if Syracuse called me today I would be there within an hour.


I will never forget the time that I was doing the game day music for the Rochester Razorsharks from courtside. Michael Ray Richardson of the team from Oklahoma was rapping at me the whole game with every complaint in the book, and he eventually earned two technical fouls which equals an ejection.


I played the “Hey Hey Goodbye” song and the Blue Cross Arena went nuts. Unfortunately they started throwing water bottles at him, and that compelled several OK players to go into the crowd. It was wild, and a part of me to this day feels guilty for having played the song at the time. I did get permission from the game day director to do it so I can kind of blame him…right?

It gets INTENSE on the sidelines and on the benches. There are no filters. I hear everything from the table, and I will never give up my seat or my job.

It is what I was meant to do. It is where I belong.

Behind. The Mic.


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