Behind The Mic: Lancers – Bobcats – Braves

Spazman Reporting:

We kicked things off in my capacity as “The Voice Of The Lancers” last week with my first show behind the mic at the Dome Arena in Henrietta.

The Lancers got beat soundly by Utica City, but for me it was a great time.

It is an utter pleasure to work with such professionals. I wear a headset that has Jill Rizzo talking to me and telling me what is coming up next, and when to fire on certain things in the script or to describe what is happening for the fans in attendance.


I sit between the two teams and can hear the banter as well as the coaches/players chirping at the refs.

The next night saw me back at the Dome Arena with the Lancers, but this time I donned the red suit and did the Santa thing for the entire night. Famed local voice Rocky Perrotta handled the PA/Emcee duties while I worked the crowd, the players, and had a jovial good time.


Photo Credit: Lancers Dancers

There is ringside seating at Lancers games, and I pulled the old “tap on the shoulder and run” routine on what seemed like a hundred unsuspecting fans. If there was a buck to be had for every time I heard, ” Oh Santa” while walking away I would be rich!

I love indoor soccer. It is fast-paced, it is gritty, and it is fun to watch. The Lancers will struggle for a bit as they acclimate themselves to playing in the top division of the MASL, but once they start to gel they will start to be in games.

The Lancers do it right folks. It isn’t just a game, it is a party…and they feed you after the game FOR FREE in the VIP Lounge. Lisa and I had the stuffed shells, meatballs, sausage…and cupcakes that were to die for!

The Bryant & Stratton Women Bobcats played a home game at Pinnacle last Sunday, and to say that the trip there was treacherous would be an understatement. They hosted Point Park out of Pennsylvania and I was concerned about the Pioneers and driving. But they rode up the night before the storm and stayed in a local hotel so traveling was not a hassle for them.


For the second game in a row the microphone and speaker system in place did not work and we utilized my good old Bose L1 Compact system to use for the PA work. I place the speaker under the tables in front of me and it sounds fantastic…especially with some good pump-up music blasting through it.

We return to the Pinnacle Complex tonight for a Men’s/Women’s doubleheader as the Bobcats host Cayuga Community College.

Anyone who says that the game is not as exciting because it is Junior College is wrong, and I invite them to join us tonight to find out for themselves. It is still college-level basketball that is fast and aggro.

The first Winter season broadcast on Chosen Spot Radio is in the books. Canandaigua hockey dropped a heartbreaker in overtime to Churchville-Chili on Tuesday.

I was able to go directly from 3/4 basketball practice that I coach at Red Jacket to the game at Canandaigua Greater Civic Center. The game went into overtime but it did not take the Saints long to hit the game winner.

Although the loss was a bummer it was awesome being back on the red line calling the action. Hockey does not give me much of an opportunity to take a break as the action is non-stop…and I love it. Called almost every game last season and without sounding like a braggart the improvement was evident every game.

There it folks…thanks for stopping by and checking it out. I will see you in some gym, on some field, near some court…and always BEHIND THE MIC.

God bless.



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