Back On The Air – Football

Hey spotters…Spazman in the house.

So, where were you on the night of March 4th? Do you recall? It was just before the bottom dropped out and the whole virus pandemic hysteria consumed our lives.

I remember. The place was Honeoye Falls-Lime High School sitting courtside calling a girls high school sectionals basketball game between Pembroke and Red Jacket for our friends at FingerLakes1.

Pembroke handled Red Jacket, but little did I know that it would be the last game broadcast on Chosen Spot Radio for the foreseeable future due to cancelations by local, regional, and state politicians in light of the pandemic.

Our lives were turned upside down shortly thereafter, and Chosen Spot Radio has not been at a court, a diamond, or a field since that night.

Until this Saturday when we take a road trip down to South Apalachin and cover the semi-pro football matchup between the Charlotte Colonials and the Broome County Stallions.

South Apalachin is about a two hour drive south, and sits less than two miles away from the Pennsylvania border.


These two teams played each other last season at Charlotte High School with the Stallions holding on for the two point win.

With pandemic uncertainties and the need to be “fluid”…finding and scheduling games has nearly been a full time proposition for Colonials owner/Head Coach Carlo Olivares.

“I told y’all I would do everything I can to get you games and try to make the best decision for the team as a whole!”


Semi-pro sports is a different animal as it is without the rigors of having your entire season thrown into turmoil, but props must be given to the Colonials players who have come together to carpool to games by any means necessary.

As the Colonials work to gain the cohesiveness and chemistry that is necessary for victory, leaders like Coach Budda Biggs have been chiming in to exact a measure of togetherness, “Shout out to the guys that stayed humble, played team ball, and understood what was going on. And to all the guys who showed up to practice yesterday we are one step closer to getting better”

The Stallions have also been putting in work to prepare and had this to say to their loyal peeps, “We are still working hard, individually conditioning and preparing to cause mayhem once we are able to step onto that field….we have not forgotten about you”

Pre-Game festivities will begin at 4:45 from Stephens Memorial Park with myself on the call. Kickoff is slated for 5PM.

If you are interested in helping to cover costs by sponsoring or through an individual contribution you can do so in return for repeated mentions during the broadcast:

cashapp: $Spazman636


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