Finger Lakes Teams Still In Soccer Sectionals

As action gets hot and heavy on the pitch, here are the teams from the Finger Lakes that are still in play.

Boys Class B1 #4 Pal-Mac (FLE)(5-4-1) will host #5 Hornell (LCAA 1)(4-5-1) on Saturday. #6 Newark (FLE)(4-7-2) will play #3 Batavia (Monroe 4)(6-4-1) at Van Detta Stadium on Saturday. #10 Midlakes (FLE)(0-11-0) moves on after a forfeit by #7 Greece Olympia (Monroe 4)(3-8-1) and will play at #2 Livonia (LCAA 1)(11-2-0) on Saturday.

Boys Class B2 sees #2 Penn Yan as the lone FL team out of the FLE and the Mustangs (FLE)(5-4-1) will host #7 Wellsville (Indy)(6-2-1) on Saturday at 6PM.

Boys Class C1 has #4 Bloomfield (FLW)(7-3-0) hosting #5 Sodus (Wayne County)(6-5-0) at 2PM on Saturday.

Boys Class C2 Top Seed Naples (FLW)(9-0-0) will host #9 Bradford/Dundee (FLW)(2-6-0) on Saturday at 1PM (game will be broadcast on Chosen Spot Radio). This is the only weekend matchup that pits a FLX team against another FLX team and both are from the FLW.

In Boys Class D1 action #5 Honeoye (FLW)(5-5-0) will play at Houghton College on Saturday at 6:30PM against #4 Arkport/Canaseraga (Steuben 2)(6-2-2).

As we switch focus to the ladies we start with Class B1 where top seeded Pal-Mac (FLE)(12-0-0) has forfeited to #8 Greece Olympia (Monroe 4)(3-8-1). #2 Newark (FLE)(8-4-0) will host #7 Wayne (FLE)(4-8-1) on Friday at 6PM. #5 Midlakes (FLE)(4-8-1) will be at #4 Batavia (Monroe 4)(4-6-0) on Friday at 6PM.

In Class B2 action #1 Penn Yan (FLE)(9-2-0) will host #9 Mynderse (FLE)(4-9-0) on Friday at 6PM. #5 Waterloo (FLE)(6-7-0) will travel to Hardwood Park to play #4 LeRoy (LCAA 1)(6-5-1) on Friday at 6PM.

In Class C1 #8 Marcus Whitman (FLW)(6-4-2) will be at top seeded Avon (LCAA 2)(12-0) on Friday at 6PM.

Class C2 sees #2 Honeoye (FLW)(8-1-2) hosting #7 Genesee Valley (Allegany 1)(9-4-0) on Saturday at 6PM.

All scheduling is subject to change as we stay fluid through The-Virus-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

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