2020 Fall Season – Thank You

213 days.

March 4th to October 3rd.

Kudos to anyone who just counted to make sure that it was in fact 213 days.

On March 4th, we broadcast the Class C1 girls basketball sectionals semi-finals between Red Jacket and Pembroke. Pembroke won 53-35, and we had no clue that it would be our last broadcast.

For 213 days.

As we navigated our way through the COVID-19 mess, and we wondered what we were going to do moving forward, in September we received a voicemail from Michelle Webb, who is the President of the Naples Sports Boosters.

Naples soccer (boys and girls) were interested in obtaining information about us broadcasting their games.

Normally we follow and broadcast Canandaigua games but due to COVID-19 restrictions and press box social spacing, we were unable to…so we were available.

After some negotiating, we came to an agreement and we officially became “The Station For Big Green Nation”.

Michelle did the leg work related to finding sponsors and individual contributions to cover costs, travel, equipment, and time…and we had a Fall broadcast schedule to cover.

We broadcast nine Naples girls soccer games, and 11 Naples boys soccer games.

The boys season began with a win at Bloomfield on October 3rd (a Saturday). 213 days after the last broadcast before COVID-19 shut everything down.

The ladies also began their campaign with a 4-3 win on a winning goal with just 5 seconds left to play on the following Monday.

20 games and 47 days later, Naples boys soccer won their first sectionals title in 20 years, and the season was over just as quickly as it started.

As we now wonder what we will do for what is being called the Winter season, if anything, we harken back upon the Fall season.

Spazman enjoyed the drive into The Valley to Community Park. The eye candy that we were witness to for every game. How passionate Naples people are about soccer. Being in the press box overlooking the field and pitch that are dedicated to legendary Gary Schenk. Working alongside Mrs. Schenk every home game, and receiving one of her apples as a gift that was just as much her welcoming me into the Naples family as it was a snack. Being involved with another sectionals championship.

We will never forget this season, and everything that we all went through to bring it to fruition.

As it is the weekend following Thanksgiving, we would like to extend some thanks to the folks who were there for us like Michelle Webb, and the entire Naples Sports Boosters. Athletic Director Greg Parzych who welcomed us with open arms and always made sure that we had whatever we needed. Head Coaches Frank Gleichauf and Ryan Betrus, who always had time to speak with us before or after a game. Kory Bay and Mrs. Schenk who helped us with the clock so we could impart that info to listeners. Aaron Mann for his help whenever Spazman needed something.

We could not have done any of it without help from family contributions, and business sponsors like Bob’s Alignment, Complete Circuits, Inc, Bloomer’s Florals

We will always be grateful for the support of listeners and the kind words that we received. Thank you.

A very special season. A very special group of student athletes. A very special group of people.

Thank you one and all.

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