Behind The Mic w/Spazman #1

Hey y’all…Spazman here with the genesis of Behind The Mic where I will bring you thoughts, opinions, and insider info.

Let’s kick it off by saying, “Grazie” for making our Canandaigua football versus Eastridge broadcast our second highest rated of our young existence. The top dawg remains the Canandaigua football game against Victor in 2018 in Class A semis from Brockport. That one will be tough to beat but that will never keep us from bringing it to you like only we can do.

As always Greg Herbst joined me for color commentary and expert analysis in that Eastridge semis game. No other moniker is more fitting for what Greg adds to our football broadcasts than “expert”. As a longtime coach and administrator he knows what he is talking about and he raises our broadcast swag exponentially by his mere presence.

I think that the Eastridge game was easily our best football call yet. We were both on point all game. CA legend Scott Greene joined me at halftime and did not fail to entertain. Scotty is a straight forward dude who I have had the pleasure of interviewing several times. On Saturday I tried to get him to talk about his career a bit and he was not having any of it as he steered the convo back to the boys and the game at hand.

I had prognosticated that CA would beat Eastridge, and that East would be who they played in the finals at Boswell Field at Hobart on Friday. I did make a prediction for that game as well but choose to keep it on the down-low for now.

Class A was loaded in Section V and in New York State as well. The winner of the CA/East game will go on to play in Section VI at Williamsville East against either South Park or McKinley who play each other Saturday. Both are unbeaten at 9-0. Whoever wins and goes on to play in regionals will have to have a strong and physical line as the Buffalo boys like to grind it up.

Huge shout out to the businesses and individuals who have sponsored our sectionals broadcasts by covering the fees to do as such. Eagle Insurance, Niche Solutions, Yankee Clipper Property Management, Dianna Hart Photography, Finger Lakes Handyman, Dean Potter, CA Braves Hockey Boosters, and McMillan & Welch Real Estate Agency.

This is my favorite time of the year. Summer is out of here, and the cooler temps are finally moving in. No more mosquitoes, no sweltering heat, and five major sports all going on at the same time: NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Although I was bummed that the Yankees got bounced, the Sun still came up this morning. Also Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I finally have something to look forward to for New Year’s Eve…I will be the emcee at the Rochester Razorsharks NYE Afterparty at The Penthouse in Rochester.

I look forward to being the play-by-play announcer for the Razorsharks home games. I will also be the PA Announcer for another Rochester professional team that I am under obligation to not announce yet.

I will be watching with great interest to see where the NYSSWA puts Canandaigua football in their rankings this week. After beating Victor in sectionals they finally put CA in at #24 while Eastridge was at #8. I have always had issues with NYSSWA rankings and feel that CA has not been getting the respect that they deserve. But something tells me that Coach Welch is fine with operating under the radar…but after exacting revenge upon Victor and beating the top seeded Lancers they are no longer considered a dark horse or a sleeper pick.